Periodontology and Halitosis is the speciality of Dr. Hani Farr.

Periodontal disease was formerly known as „Parodontose“. Periodontal disease distinguishes itself in that in many areas it develops and advances completely without pain and therefore goes unnoticed. Often the patient notices it only when it is already well advanced. The first signs of possible periodontal disease are bleeding gums when cleaning the teeth and also discolouration of the gums. They are no longer light pink and firm, but an inflamed red colour and swollen. Periodontal disease affects the entire organism. The main causes of periodontal disease are lack of (or incorrect) oral hygiene, stress (at work or in the private sphere), smoking, eating habits.
To protect against this, it is recommended to undergo professional oral care and a plaque control twice a year.
Periodontal disease is avoidable to a large extent!

Additionally to treatment we carry out the important microbiological examinations.

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